Commercial Playgrounds

Commercial Playgrounds

A commercial playground is a space specifically designed to provide play opportunities for children under the age of fourteen in a safe environment. A commercial playground differs greatly from a residential playground in several key ways. Its design, components, safety, and cost should all be considered. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key elements to consider. Read on to learn more! The following tips will help you make an informed decision about commercial playgrounds.


Choosing a designer is an essential part of constructing a playground. A well-designed play space can enhance the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth of its users. It should help each child find his or her best self through play. A designer can consider several factors to develop a play space that meets the needs of children and their parents. Listed below are the top four design factors for your commercial playground. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right designer for your project.

A professional can help you choose the right designer for your commercial playground. A professional can give you a detailed quote about the design and the overall budget of your commercial playground. You can also ask for a quote from your contractor or architect. Remember that playground design requires more than just appealing aesthetics. It must be functional and offer activities that encourage the imagination and physical challenges. You should consider age appropriate activities for children of all ages and abilities, and a design that will accommodate the needs of disabled children.

While selecting a designer for your commercial playground, be sure to consider the area you want to place it. If you have an open-air space, consider adding some seating for your visitors. A bench and table can add a comfortable place to sit. You may also want to include quality sun shades to protect your guests from the UV rays. A well-designed commercial playground can be a valuable asset to a neighborhood. It can help a neighborhood feel more alive.

Wood was traditionally the material of choice for commercial playgrounds. It was inexpensive, widely available, and provided a natural aspect that echoed the mood of the day. A pressure-treated lumber was an added bonus. This helped overcome problems with decay and rot. However, the long-term durability and safety of wood structures was also doubtful. They could be susceptible to termites, mold, and moisture damage. A wood playground might look attractive, but the structure would be susceptible to termites, fungus, and mold.


The right combination of commercial playground components is crucial to a successful play facility. Consider the number of users and the frequency of use when choosing the right play equipment. Make sure it is safe for disabled children and meets the ADA standards, if applicable. The following are a few tips to help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about commercial playground components. Here are some tips to choose the right play equipment for your playground:

Consult a playground expert before purchasing equipment. Professionals at General Recreation can assist you in planning your commercial playground. They can provide detailed drawings, 3D renderings, and written technical specifications. They can even provide installation supervision for do-it-yourselfers. This makes it easy to get the perfect play space without hassles. When you partner with a playground expert, you’re guaranteed the right commercial playground equipment and design. In addition to playground components, they can also help you with site furnishing, commercial equipment, and installation.

Slides and swings are great educational toys. Most playground sets feature a plastic swing and a small slide. These components promote coordination and balance, while training key muscle groups. They also promote socialization and communication. If you’re looking for high-quality playground components, look no further than MVP Playgrounds. There’s something for every child. And you’re sure to find a slide that suits your space. If you’re a parent, consider the safety aspects of the equipment and make sure it’s safe and well-maintained.

Playground benches and other recreational amenities are crucial to the development of a healthy mind and body. They provide a place for children to sit down and refuel their energy while gaining physical fitness. Choose quality plastic playground components to maximize the effectiveness of your new equipment. SPI Plastics offers custom solutions for every playsystem. With our extensive selection of commercial playground components, you can be sure that your child’s playground will be a hit!


As the owner of a commercial playground, your job is to ensure that the equipment is safe for children to play on. In addition to the equipment itself, it’s essential that you maintain your equipment to ensure that it’s in perfect working order. Some playground hazards can be avoided, such as swinging ropes and monkey bars. Monkey bars can be dangerous for children because they can fall up to 18 inches and are not suited for commercial play areas. Other common playground hazards include seesaws, swings, and exercise rings.

Commercial playgrounds must meet strict standards for safety. These requirements are often more stringent than those for residential playgrounds. The equipment needs to be regularly tested to make sure it’s safe for children to play on. Regular inspections should also include the space around equipment. Once regular inspections are complete, you can begin developing a plan for the next phase of your commercial playground. Here are a few things to consider:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government with the authority to evaluate and inform the public about the performance of products and recommended practices. They first published playground guidelines in 1981 and have revised them several times over the past 19 years. The Handbook for Public Playground Safety from the CPSC is an excellent resource for owners and operators of public play environments. Additionally, the American Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board has developed accessibility guidelines for play environments. These guidelines are set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

While playgrounds should have a number of safety features, the first step in ensuring the safety of these facilities is adult supervision. An adult should be on the playground at all times to monitor the children’s play. If there are any obstacles or hazards, a responsible adult should check them. Moreover, children should never wear clothing that can become entangled with other items or cause strangulation. Likewise, older children must play in separate areas from the smaller ones.


The cost of a commercial playground may start at $8000, but the total may climb to $150,000 or more. The size of the playground, the number of children it accommodates, and other factors may also influence the cost. Those hosting more than 100 kids per session will generally pay more than a community park or homeowners association playground. For these reasons, a large playground may cost upwards of $100,000, even though there are usually less children using the space per session.

High-end playground projects may include several medium or large play structures. Large play systems often include multiple swing sets, as well as separate independent play events for different age groups. Large play structures often include shade structures, such as Hypar shade sails. These can also add aesthetic appeal and marketing value. However, the cost of a shade canopy can increase to a couple of thousand dollars if the shade structure is more than 10’x10′.

The cost of installing and transporting playground equipment is one of the most overlooked costs when it comes to playground construction. Shipping costs can be anywhere from five to ten percent of the overall project cost, and the company can offer estimates for your specific location. If you are looking to install a new playground for your school, contact a professional playground company to find out more about the cost. They can also help you with site preparation, shipping, and installation.

Commercial playgrounds should be designed with safety in mind, and should be safe for children. For this reason, it is vital to hire a professional with certifications in playground safety. A CPSI is an important certification for playground designers, so be sure to seek their advice before making a decision. And don’t forget to ask for references. The cost of a playground can easily rise to tens of thousands of dollars. With so many options and the time it takes to get the job done, commercial playgrounds are worth the investment.


Performing routine inspections and maintenance tasks on playgrounds is important for keeping the space safe for users. The amount of traffic, materials, and use of play structures should all be considered when developing a maintenance schedule. Daily maintenance tasks, such as sweeping and mopping walkways, are custodial in nature. Inspecting and tightening hardware connections and loosening compacted surfacing are also important. These activities can save time and money by preventing future closures.

During maintenance, inspect all equipment, including swing chains, climbing frames, slides, and other play equipment. Pay special attention to wooden equipment because these can be prone to splinters. Similarly, inspect metal playground equipment to ensure that it does not have rust or any signs of wear and tear. Replace parts as necessary, and be sure to obtain replacement parts from the original manufacturer. Otherwise, you may void your warranty. You should also conduct an initial audit to establish your level of compliance. You should repeat this audit every year or when the standard of care is updated.

The cleanliness of a commercial playground is essential to keep children safe. Dirty environments foster the growth of bacteria, worms, and viruses. If possible, consider creating usage rules so that visitors can avoid contaminating the equipment with food or animals. If this is not possible, then hire a professional team to do the job for you. The costs of such maintenance services will pay off in the long run. You can contact All Play for a customized quote.

Keep an eye out for broken equipment. Sometimes vandals leave sharp objects lying on the ground, but they can also leave the equipment completely unusable. Make sure you address issues with broken equipment first. Then, look for ways to improve the safety of your commercial playground. By following the guidelines for maintaining playgrounds, you can prevent vandalism and damage. The quality of your children’s play environment plays a big role in their actions.

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