Choosing a Ticket Redemption Game Machine

Choosing a Ticket Redemption Game Machine

A ticket redemption game machine is a great way to attract younger crowds. However, there are several things to keep in mind when selecting your ticket redemption games. First, you need to understand who your customers are. Most ticket redemption games are geared towards children, but you want to appeal to the parents as well.


A great theme can attract many players to your ticket redemption game machine. It can also create an overall fun experience for kids and adults. Choosing the right theme can make your arcade stand out from the competition and keep your customers coming back again and again. A classic movie theme, for example, will make your business look fun and inviting to everyone, and it can be used in a variety of ways.

This ICE GO BALLISTIC Ticket Redemption Machine features a large interactive touchscreen that enables players to compete in five mini-games and win tickets. Its unique design allows two people to play at the same time. Its cool flash LED light striking appearance and bright color graphics are sure to draw attention.

Ticket Center Slam-A-Winner is a high-energy arcade game that can earn you mountains of tickets. This unique game has a meteors-falling-from-the-sky theme and dynamic sound effects. Players hit the “Slam Button” to release a bouncing ball that drops into a rotating horizontal wheel below. If they time it perfectly, they can earn bonus targets that result in extra ball drops and even more tickets.

A simple, fun and rewarding ticket redemption game. Players spin the wheel and ticket redemption game machine the pointer stops at a number, which determines the number of tickets won. Players can compete against the computer or other players.


Ticket redemption games typically reward players proportionally to their scores. These tickets can then be redeemed at a central location for prizes, such as candy, small toys, and low-end electronics. The more expensive the prize, the more tickets must be accumulated to earn it. It’s important for arcade owners to accurately value their prize items so that they remain competitive with similar offerings in the industry and keep customers engaged and satisfied.

One of the best ways to determine the fair value of a prize item is to do some market research. Checking prices at local retailers and online retailers can help you find a price range that is in line with current trends. It’s also helpful to offer brand-name items, as these can have a higher perceived value than generic products.

Another way to determine the fair value of a prize is to look at its relative size and weight. For example, a large plush toy is likely to be more expensive than a small stuffed animal. It’s also helpful to keep in mind that younger audiences may prefer brand-name items, while older players might be more interested in classic toys.

Whether you’re looking for the next hot ticket machine or a great addition to your existing one, you can’t go wrong with a prize cabinet from ICE. These machines are fun and colorful, and they can even be equipped to dispense 2″ capsules or 5′ balls for added appeal.


A common mistake that arcade business managers make is underestimating the importance of manning their ticket redemption counters. While it might seem like this position is simple enough — taking tickets and giving away prizes — there’s actually quite a bit more to it than meets the eye.

A well-mannered ticket redemption counter is essential to a profitable arcade business. This employee should be knowledgeable about all of the prizes, and be able to answer any questions that customers may have. He or she should also be able to help players select their preferred prize. This is important because it can be difficult for customers to decide which prize they would like to play for.

In addition to knowing their merchandise, a good ticket redemption counter staff Arcade Game Machine member should also be proficient at math. This will allow them to quickly and accurately change coin denominations, as well as dispense different types of tickets. This is an important skill because it will ensure that your employees can keep up with customer demand.

A popular ticket redemption game from the company that did more than any other to introduce redemption games to mainstream America was Chuck E. Cheese’s Ticket Blaster, which required the “birthday boy or girl” to stand in the machine for a few seconds and try to grab as many tickets as they could. This was one of the first games to show up on the top 10 list in the industry trade publication Play Meter. Its success spurred manufacturers to create more and better ticket-dispensing machines.


Redemption games are a vital component of any amusement arcade, and they are especially important for kids. But they must be properly maintained to keep them running well. This includes a regular cleaning schedule and a proper inventory of spare parts.

This is a delicate balancing act that requires attention every week to stay fine-tuned, especially when a new redemption game is brought in and/or old ones rotate out. Success in redemption games depends on a variety of factors, including average game time, hit frequency, and ticket payout %.

The first step is to determine a game’s hit frequency. This is the number of times a player wins tickets or merchandise. A high hit frequency means that the machine is giving out a lot of tickets each play.

The next step is to balance the game’s hit frequency and ticket payout %. A game that gives out a lot of tickets should have a lower ticket payout % than a game that doesn’t give out many tickets. The goal is to set the games up so that they all earn enough to be profitable.

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