Verizon offers new 5G plans for small businesses


Wireless carriers are going all-in on 5G plans for small businesses.

Verizon is the latest carrier to offer unlimited 5G plans specifically for small businesses. The mobile operator recently rolled out three new plans that offer unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as a call filter to block spam calls. The plans will allow customers to access Verizon’s 5G Nationwide Network, which earlier this month underwent a massive expansion, and now operates in more than 1,800 cities across the US. 

Those who aren’t a fan of Verizon have plenty of other options for 5G. Earlier this month, AT&T announced it was offering qualifying business customers $10 a month off for the life of service on an eligible Unlimited business wireless plan when they buy a new smartphone and have qualifying AT&T Internet or AT&T Business Fiber Service. T-Mobile earlier this fall rolled out new plans for small businesses that include Microsoft 365 as an added perk. It also upgraded more than 7,000 retail stores to better cater to the needs of small businesses.

Verizon’s courting of small businesses is timely. Given the accelerated digital transition fueled by the pandemic, small businesses forced to work virtually likely also want to invest in faster internet speeds.

“These new, tailored plans are designed to meet our customers’ evolving needs during these unprecedented times, particularly small businesses who have been hit the hardest,” Verizon Business Markets president TJ Fox said in a statement. 

Verizon’s plans include access to an even speedier network, Verizon’s 5G Ultrawide Band Network, which covers areas of 55 cities across the US, as well as a number of airports and sports stadiums. Verizon has posted a full list of the cities covered by Verizon’s UWB network. The least expensive of the plans start at $30 per line per month, with a minimum of two lines.

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