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Baby Doll

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Child House is a company that produces baby dolls that look just like real babies. They are created for expertise. All the baby dolls are handmade which gives them a real look. A toddler can not distinguish whether it is a real one or it’s artificial.

The website of Child House is very engaging. One can view site in order to obtain basic information about their products. They can also make an immediate contact with the company members who are always there to help.

Some of the main reasons why Child House is preferred for buying baby dolls is because:-

They allow free shipping to all local customers in China who order products worth $128 or above.

They have a very vigilant Customer support team that actively engages the customers and helps them out.

If any product or piece is found faulty, they also gives a huge time span of 30 days for an exchange of that.

They have a very secure and safe payment system which strengthens the trust of customers.

They have simulation dolls that are exactly similar to real babies. One can feel joy by having these dolls by their sides. Some beautiful dolls made by them are as follows:-

Gillian: It’s birthday is on 20th April. It’s 55cm long. It has blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s dress is not fixed and can be adjusted.

Deirdre: It’s birthday is on 22nd June. It’s just like a baby fast asleep. It’s also 55 cm long. It has acrylic eyes and hair a rayon wig. Baby dolls are also classified country wise.

These qualities make them the best-selling brand.

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