How to choose a tent…?

How to choose a tent…?

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A tent is a representative item of camping. This time, we will thoroughly compare the points necessary for choosing a family tent and recommended tents! What should I be careful about when choosing? Answer the voice of. Let’s go camping comfortably and enjoyably with a tent that suits you!

In order not to fail in choosing a tent…!

One of the tools that you should consider buying before you start camping is a tent. It is a “long relationship” and if you not buy it correctly you may be injured later.

Check your basic knowledge to reduce that risk. If you are thinking of buying a tent, there are many online tent suppliers where you can buy it online, some to help you buy a tent correctly according to your requirements, here are some important tips.

4 points to check when choosing:

Water pressure resistance must be at least 1,500 mm:

One of the criteria that we want to emphasize when purchasing a tent is the “water pressure resistance” of the fabric. Water pressure resistance is an index of how strong a tent is against water, but it is generally said that the water pressure resistance of an umbrella is about 200 to 500 and that of rainwear is 2,000 mm or more.

Whether the size is suitable for the number of people:

Please note that the number of people displayed is the “maximum capacity”. If you want to spend a relaxing and comfortable time in the tent. That way, if you bring some luggage into your tent, you’ll still have plenty of room to use it.

Whether the price is suitable for the budget:

When you start a camp, there is a certain amount of initial investment. If you plan to buy not only tents but also chairs, tables, bonfires, etc., budget your tents.However, it is a major premise that quality is not compromised just because it is cheap! Make a purchase with a balance between safety and budget.

Is it possible to set up smoothly?

I chose it with an emphasis on coolness without thinking ahead, and when I tried to set it up, it was complicated and I couldn’t build a tent … If you are not confident in setting up, you should choose a one-pole tent or dome-shaped item with a simple structure.

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