Why Bluetooth Door Lock is Better Than Standard Door Lock?

The days of rugged locks and non-existent door handles have been replaced by Bluetooth-enabled locks and digital keypads. While the phrase ‘progress’ is typically associated with technological advancements, some may wonder whether the shift from the old-fashioned lock to a digital replacement is really an upgrade after all. In this post, we explore why Bluetooth door locks are better than standard door locks.

Bluetooth Door Lock:

When we talk about the door lock we think that we have to choose between utility and security. Door locks can be made secure, but they will take time and energy to operate. 

The same thing is with the Bluetooth door lock, if we talk to security and a high level of safety and protection this type of lock is great. It prevents burglary easily. Most importantly it provides easy access which makes the homeowners more comfortable and happy.

Bluetooth door lock is a device that is designed to add a function to our physical belongings such as doors and vehicles. This technology allows users to open or close doors using smartphones or tablets instead of keys.

Bluetooth Door Lock is easy to use, no installation is required. It fits 99% of the existing residential doors. Easy to install without drilling holes on the door, it’s waterproof for rainy/snowy days. With Bluetooth Door Lock, you can download the APP built-in phone intelligent system controller.

The Takeaway:

Bluetooth door locks are smarter than their conventional counterparts because they offer many significant advantages that cannot be found with traditional locks.

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