A Brief Guide To Builder Gel: What it is & How it Works?

Builder gel is one of the most widely used products in nail art. But most people don’t know what it is or how to use it. That’s where I come in – today we’ll be covering everything you’ll ever need to know about builder gel. Let’s get right into it!

What Is Builder Gel?

A builder gel is a medium used to create texture and build up an area of your nails. It is a product used in nail extensions, manicures, and artificial nails. It is designed to strengthen the nails and prevent chipping. 

When applied to the nails, the builder acts as a clear coat for the nails. This means that it will protect your natural nails from any accident or damage. It comes in a number of different formulas, but the main ingredient is always the same – acrylates copolymer. 

The consistency of builder gels differs from one brand to another, some are thicker than others. 

formulas are great for creating nail art that requires thicker layers of product, whereas thinner formulas are better for fine details and designs.

How Does Builder Gel Work?

Builder gel is applied over a UV/LED light cured gel polish to form a protective barrier between your nails and the outside world that keeps out dirt and moisture, while still remaining flexible.

Builder gels are applied over the existing nail polish for additional strength, or directly onto bare nails for added shine and protection. 

However, building directly over bare nails requires more time to dry since it takes longer for the color from your nails to penetrate the gel.

The drying time is anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Builder gel can be applied either before or after you paint your nails with polish.

The Takeaway:

Builder Gel is a revolutionary addition to the market of nail enhancements. Made of quality ingredients, it is a wonderful product for strengthening weak nails and for protecting the natural nail from breaking.

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