Left-Handed Gaming: A Natural Problem For The Gamers

Gaming is life for many players and if you are a left-hander you have to struggle a lot in your life. Only about one in ten people are left-handed in the world.

The difference between a weak and a strong hand is particularly noticeable in fine motor skills, quick reactions, and pure strength. These skills play a crucial role while you are playing e-games. However, he only needs strength to angrily throw his controller against the wall at the end of a salty session.

Left-handers have an advantage as well in many sports. When you play infield along with your teammates, the opposite team has practiced facing a right-hander but they end up with a left-hander. As a result, they have to change their strategy to face your skills.

In esports, it doesn’t matter to the opponent whether the opponent uses his arcade joysticks with the left or right. Finding the right mouse turns out to be difficult. It has to be ambidextrous and small enough for my delicate female hands.

The implementation of ergonomic hardware for left-handers is not impossible, but unfortunately, it is not financially profitable at all. The same effort has to be made for such a device as for any other mouse, but it achieves significantly fewer sales due to the smaller target group. 

In order to compensate for this deficit, the mouse would have to be sold significantly more expensively than an equivalent ambidextrous or right-handed model. This, in turn, would lead to even fewer sales.

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