Why Physical Activity Helps With Learning

Learning can be exhausting, especially for elementary school students: After just 20 minutes, they find it harder to concentrate. What helps? Short breaks and a lot of exercises, both as exercises in between and throughout the day. In this article, you’ll learn about the connection between physical and mental activity and which exercises are best for children between the ages of six and eleven.

What Children Learn Through Movement:

It is completely natural for children to move constantly. By playing with their peers, they measure their strength, explore their own limits, train their ability to cooperate, and thereby strengthen their self-confidence. They also need this playful and sporting activity to train their sense of balance and dexterity. Inflatable castles are the best and most fun activity for children to have physical activity. 

In addition, exercise in children promotes endurance and concentration. Their brain is better supplied with oxygen and they absorb numerous sensory stimuli – for example from other children or from nature. This in turn increases attention.

Which Movement Games are Suitable for Children:

Nowadays children spend more and more time with computers, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, they move less, which has a negative effect on their ability to learn. So when parents and teachers build short periods of movement into their children’s daily routine, they help them to concentrate better. The following exercises are particularly useful:

Balance Exercises:

With the standing scale, the child stands on one leg, the second leg is stretched backward at a 90-degree angle, the upper body forwards. The child balances with their arms.

Duck and Frog Walk:

When ducking, the child squats down and waddles across the room. In addition, it can bend and move its arms like wings. The frog walk also starts in a crouch, but here the child jumps back and forth as it wishes.

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