How To Set Up A Bouncy Castle?

An inflatable castle or bouncy castle is a rock for children in different places like shopping malls, parks, gaming zones, etc. Different people often set up inflatable castles at parks to attract a large no. of children to earn a great profit.

Setting and dismantling a bouncy castle is not an easy task. The following are the short guidelines that will help you in setting up an inflatable castle.

  1. Choose a perfect place with suitable condition

For setting up a bouncy castle, the foremost step is choosing an appropriate location with appropriate weather. It is better to set up the castle in a low windy place. Do not set up the bouncy castle in that place where there is a high wind blowing, otherwise, the wind will blow off the castle with children inside it. So it’s better not to take a risk. Besides, an inflatable castle covers a lot of space. It is better to choose sand grounds or grassy plots for setting up a bouncy castle.

2. Unfold the product

One of the big advantages of inflatable products is that they can be folded and unfolded easily. After choosing the perfect location, unfold the castle accurately without its parts.

3. Filling of air

After successfully unfolding the castle, fill the air with the help of an electric blower. If electricity is not available, you can use a generator to fill the air.

4. Anchoring of the castle
It is a vital precautionary step. It is better to anchor the castle through stakes on the ground. This is a must step as if the sudden hard wind blows, the castle will not move from its position.

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