Arcade Game Joystick

Arcade game joystick

If you are looking for a new arcade game joystick, you have a few options. You can choose a Qanba Pearl, Seimitsu LS-40, Happ, or Sanwas. You may also want to consider aftermarket springs for your arcade joystick. All of these joysticks have different buttons and spring stiffness.

Qanba Pearl

The Qanba Pearl is a high-end arcade game joystick that works with PCs, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. Its buttons are curved and spaced a bit farther apart than standard arcade sticks, which should help you to press buttons with less effort. This joystick is compatible with both PC and PlayStation games, and it works with a wired USB cable for easy connection to the PC.

The Qanba Pearl arcade stick features a glossy white finish, with metallic silver sides. Its buttons are separated from each other, preventing them from being prone to scratches or fingerprints. It also features beautiful LED lights. When you press buttons on the joystick, these lights will illuminate to create a beautiful effect.

Seimitsu LS-40

Seimitsu makes a wide variety of arcade game joysticks. This particular model is used in NeoGeo cabinets. It features a square gate and a sub guide, which can be set to work in eight, four, or two-way mode. It comes with a dust cover and is also available in several color options.

The LS-40 joystick has a short engage distance and a solid overall feel. It was widely used in NeoGeo and SNK arcade cabinets. It is one of our personal favorites at CQB Arcade. It also features an S-plate for mounting, making it compatible with compatible arcade cabinet models.

Depending on the genre of game, it is important to select a joystick that can provide the proper movement and feel. For example, fighting games require a joystick with a small deadzone and well-spaced engage points. On the other hand, shoot’em-up games tend to use smaller deadzones and a larger engage zone. The Sanwa JLF model is a popular choice for fighting games.

Seimitsu LS-40 arcade joysticks are made by Seimitsu, which is the second largest arcade parts company in Japan. They are cheaper than Sanwa and feature a hemispherical pivot. Seimitsu joystick gates are also thinner than Sanwa’s. All of the Seimitsu joysticks have a plus or bar-shaped gate, and are designed for two-way or four-way operation.


The Sanwa Denshi Co joystick is the number one selling joystick in Japan. Its short travel and light spring pressure make it ideal for fast input. It is also a very accurate joystick. There are many advantages to the Sanwas. Here are some of them. Here is what you should know about them.

The Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick is a great choice for an arcade. It has an 8-way restrictor and comes with a thin metal mounting plate. You can also purchase additional mounting plates for different game systems. Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joysticks are compatible with a variety of Sanwa and Seimitsu balltops. They also come with a dust washer, and are compatible with most arcade cabinet types.

The Qanba Pearl arcade game joystick has a metal frame and high-quality Sanwa parts. Its buttons and joystick are positioned farther apart than the standard joystick. This allows for fewer mispresses and smooth control. Moreover, this joystick is compatible with PS3, PC, and PS4 consoles.

The Sanwa Denshi Co. joystick is the top-selling joystick in Japan. It is made of high-quality materials and comes with soldered microswitches. It also has a 35mm ball top and is perfect for Retro Gaming Consoles.


If you’re thinking of restoring a classic arcade game, you may be wondering which type of joystick to buy. While Japanese and American arcade game joysticks are similar in many ways, there are some differences. American joysticks are usually made of hard plastic, and feature a thick shaft similar to a baseball bat. American joysticks are typically more resistance and have a larger face than their Japanese counterparts.

The two most popular Happ arcade game joysticks are the HLF and the JLF. Both have similar features, but the Happ is stiffer and the Sanwa is softer. The JLF is the most common among gamers. The JLF is the most expensive joystick, but it is the best for a four-way game.


A Nintendo arcade game joystick is a device that allows you to play games on the console. These devices have a ball and a stick assembly that measures about eighty five millimeters long and are made of metal. The two-way joysticks are similar, but have plastic bases instead of metal control panels.

To lubricate a joystick, you simply need to use three-in-one oil to lubricate the bearing. In addition, you can clean the joystick with a solvent or warm soapy water. Then, you can re-lubricate it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also purchase replacement parts from Nintendo.

UltraStik 360

The UltraStik 360 is an arcade game joystick that can replace conventional joysticks in any application. Unlike conventional arcade game joysticks, the UltraStik is programmable, allowing users to emulate various types of analogue joysticks. For example, the UltraStik can emulate a four-way stick, an eight-way joystick, a 45-degree rotated four-way stick, or even a Q-Bert. It can also emulate a Q-Bert style joystick, which overlays a 9×9 matrix over analogue position information.

The UltraStik 360 is compatible with both digital and analogue arcade games, and has an 8-button interface. It connects to your PC through a USB port. One UltraStik 360 can be connected to one PC. If you have more than one UltraStik 360, you should assign each one a unique ID. To assign a unique ID to your UltraStik 360, simply unplug the USB cable from your computer and reconnect it.

The UltraStik 360 has a 24-MHz microprocessor onboard that automatically calibrates itself. It also has a USB 2.0 interface, which allows it to present itself to your operating system as a standard HID game pad. This means it doesn’t need an encoder.

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