The Benefits of a Compost Turner Machine

The Benefits of a Compost Turner Machine

compost turner machine

Whether you’re interested in a compost turner machine for home use or for commercial purposes, there are a number of different models available. Some of these machines are hydraulically powered, while others are self-propelled.

Hydraulic compost turner

Using a hydraulic compost turner, you can convert organic waste into a bio-organic fertilizer. It also helps your crops grow. It can be operated in your greenhouse or in your workshop. It is easy to use and has a high yield.

A hydraulic compost turner is an easy-operating compost facility. It is ideal for large-scale composting projects. It is suitable for composting sewage sludge and livestock manure. It can mix different types of organic raw materials and reduce the fermentation time. It is affordable for farms. It is also a good choice for soil remediation.

There are two kinds of hydraulic compost turners. The first type is the crawler type. It is popular in farm composting and industrial composting. It uses an auger shaft hydraulic lift. It is equipped with a cab.

The second type is the wheel-type. It is cheaper than the crawler type. It is easy to operate and can walk long distance. It is perfect for outdoor compost systems and indoor compost systems. It is a professional machine for organic fertilizer production plants. It is designed with a sturdy structure and has high production efficiency.

It uses a special gearbox to ensure reliable quality. It is made of painted galvanised steel to improve the life of the machine. Its working range is adjustable and can be customized according to the requirement of customers.

This kind of machine can be operated manually or automatically. It has a push plate on the front to make it easier for labor to work. It can be used with a line shifting machine. It is widely used in organic fertilizer processing plants.

The full hydraulic compost turner is a powerful machine which can mix different types of organic raw materials and also has the dual functions of mixing and crushing. It can be used for microbial fermentation of waste and can mix straw powder. The hydraulic auxiliary system can save diesel oil. It can raise or lower the stirring shaft to make it easier to mix the materials.

A full hydraulic compost turner can be a good choice for small and medium-scale organic fertilizer production plants. It can be operated by one person.

Self-propelled compost turner

Generally, the self-propelled compost turner machine is a piece of equipment involved in the production of organic fertilizer. It is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation. It can make full use of space and has good flexibility in operation. It is suitable for a variety of agricultural wastes. It is especially suitable for fermenting animal manure, poultry manure, trough fermentation and oil cake. It is a very important equipment in the production of specialized organic fertilizer set.

The self-propelled compost turner machine is composed of tipping device, lifting device, transmission device and the driving structure. It is driven by diesel oil. The machine is also equipped with an air conditioning system and an automatic liquid spraying device.

The main features of the self-propelled compost turner include high efficiency, reasonable structure, safe performance, high automation, and flexibility. It can be widely used in farm, horticulture manufacturing lines, greenhouses, and workshops. It is mainly applied to the production of organic fertilizer and other organic manure. It can be customized according to the requirements of individual compost production plants.

It is made of a strong and durable frame, which can lower the maintenance costs. It is equipped with a rolling compost turner machine support bracket and an elastic shock mitigation system. It can reduce resistance and ensure the efficient operation of the drive system.

It is suitable for various kinds of bio-organic materials, which can shorten the fermentation period. It can also improve the quality of the finished product. It is widely used in the agricultural industry and livestock farms. It has four wheels and can move forward, backward, and turn freely.

There are two types of self-propelled compost turner machines. They are A type and B type. A type is for viscous materials and can work in a trough, whereas the B type is suitable for sticky fermented materials. Both types can be widely used in the production of organic fertilizer.

The self-propelled compost turner has a compact design and is easy to operate. It can be used in the open or indoors. The machine can also be equipped with an automatic discharging device and a solar fermenting room.


Designed to speed up the composting process, the RotoKing compost turner is a machine that uses a pressure-compensated hydraulic system to move the compost through concrete channels. The machine is automated, so the operator can relax and concentrate on the actual composting process.

There are many different types of compost turners on the market. Some are self-propelled and others are powered by a tractor. Some are even equipped with an irrigation system. This type of equipment is great for adding moisture to the composting material.

The standard model of tractor-pulled composting technology has a turning rate of about 1,000 m3/h. The most advanced self-propelled machines have a productivity of about 3,300 to 3,900 cu yd/hour.

The RotoKing compost turner is rated at a 30 hp Baldor electric motor. It also utilizes a high-tech conical rotor tunnel for maximum power usage. This impressive design impresses with its smooth running and perfect structural stability.

A more recent invention is the elevating face turner, which consists of a wide backwards-sloping conveyor that lifts and breaks up the composting materials. The resulting compost is a finely sifted material that can be used as mulch or as a fertilizer. It is not as compact as the rotating drum, but it can save aisle space.

The rotating drum style turners break down the material more efficiently than the conveyor style turners. This type of equipment is great for breaking down large amounts of material and can be self-propelled or tractor-driven. It can move material in a variety of directions and can discharge at various heights.

The RotoKing compost turner has also been designed to remove pathogens from dairy waste. This is a cost-effective way to compost clean agricultural wastes. This is a dependable, high-quality product that is sure to get the job done.

It is important to have proper aeration to produce quality compost. In addition, this process takes a few weeks to complete. During this time, the compost will be cool and the microbial activity will be balanced. This type of composting machine can be utilized in small, medium or large-scale composting plants.

Four-wheel compost turner

Whether you are operating in a workshop or a greenhouse, a Four-wheel compost turner machine can be used to compost organic materials. Using this type of machine allows you to turn organic materials quickly and efficiently. It will also improve the quality of the finished product.

The main advantages of the Four-wheel compost turner machine are the high flexibility and convenience. It can be operated without the need of a trailer. It is ideal for the production of organic fertilizer. It is also widely used in livestock and sugar factories.

The self-propelled compost turner is a major part of a complete set of machines used to manufacture bio-organic fertilizer. It compost turner machine is an effective way to reduce the expense of operating a farm. It can be used in open areas. It is easy to operate. It integrates material crushing, mixing and turning.

This compost turner has a reasonable structure and good rigidity. The hydraulic system ensures safe operation. It is equipped with standard spare parts and is easy to fix.

It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machine. It can produce high-quality compost within a short period of time. It can be used to compost all kinds of organic raw materials. It is mainly applied in small farms. It has simple operation and has high throughput.

This machine can be customized to fit the needs of each individual compost production plant. It is the leading technology in compost production. The composting equipment can provide a better aerobic environment for aerobic fermentation. It is the ideal equipment for agricultural, industrial, and commercial composting. It is a cost-effective equipment for small and large-scale farming operations.

The Four-wheel walking design can move piles in a forward and backward direction. It can be operated by a single person. It is suitable for small workshops.

The full hydraulic crawler compost turner is ideal for large farms. It has powerful turning and is designed to decompose materials under aerobic conditions. It is an energy-saving and durable composting machine. It is very popular on the global market. It is equipped with rolling support brackets and elastic shock mitigation systems to ensure efficient operation.

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