How to Choose a Metal Card Maker

How to Choose a Metal Card Maker

metal card maker

If you’re looking to produce your own metal cards, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a wide variety of different options on the market. We’ll help you find the best option for your particular needs.


The G+D metal card is a worthy contender in the wallet friendly metal card class. Despite the name it does dispense with the usual suspects. This particular model may be the best of the rest with a full suite of options suited to the premium customer. Those with a high-flier may even qualify for a special concierge that’s all for the cost of a coffee. It’s not just about security either. G+D will help you out with a few keychain gadgets. Lastly, there’s the new and improved concierge services. Unlike the old guard, this high-flier is on hand to help you out with anything from a car or hotel reservation to an insurance claim. And if your credit score is on the rise, you can even take a free ride on the escalator. Not to mention the one-on-one access to your favourite bars and restaurants. Plus, with a full-service staffed concierge, you can sit back and enjoy the company’s finest while they take care of the rest.

Aside from the requisites, the hors d’oeuvres and the aforementioned perks, you’ll also get the opportunity to drool over G+D’s latest and greatest. For instance, the G+D metal card comes armed with the newest and smartest version of the mobile banking experience. You’ll also find an extensive collection of premium offerings from the likes of Amazon and Starbucks. And if you’re feeling pampered and privileged, you can savor a glass of vino on the house. Besides, you’ll only need to pay a mere $20 extra a month. Besides, you can take advantage of G+D’s latest mobile app enhancements, which you can also use to reorder your favorite Starbucks beverages on the run.


CompoSecure is the world’s leading provider of premium metal payment cards. Its products are designed to meet the most advanced security, privacy, and design requirements. The company serves customers across the globe.

CompoSecure has built its business on a strong foundation. Its management team has over 200 years of experience in the card industry. This includes a long history of successful product development and production. Having won numerous design awards from the International Card Manufacturers Association, CompoSecure has earned a reputation as the leader in metal card manufacturing.

Since its inception in 2003, CompoSecure has been producing high-quality, durable products that offer secure transaction solutions. Today, the company serves all credit card issuers worldwide, providing premium payment cards that are both stylish and functional. In addition, it offers a wide range of proprietary products and services.

With a mission to serve and serve well, CompoSecure is focused on the success of its employees. They reward teams for their efforts, and encourage them to improve processes and work beyond the metal card maker normal scope of their job. By doing so, they have achieved an excellent customer experience.

In recent years, CMPO has grown its client roster to more than 100 issuers. In addition, it launched Arculus, a crypto cold storage wallet solution that is designed for consumers. Moreover, the company’s products and services are now available in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Aside from metal cards, CompoSecure also designs and manufactures dual interface and composite prelaminated products. These products are produced under the company’s own brand, or in collaboration with partner branded solutions. To increase the company’s market share, the company uses a variety of marketing techniques.

As of last year, CompoSecure had a net revenue base of $261 million. Despite this, the company has only one percent penetration into the total addressable market.

According to ABI Research, the metal card industry is expected to triple to over 90 million by 2025. The move to contactless payments is also impacting the metal card sector. If the economic recovery continues, it is expected that revenue growth will accelerate.

Convego(r) Metal Face Lite

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Metal cards have a growing market, and they’re being adopted by more and more consumers. This is a positive sign, especially as they are more visible and valuable than plastic. In fact, they are estimated to grow more than 50% in the coming years, in parts of Europe, Asia and Latin metal card maker America. However, many of these cards have high fees and requirements for good credit. You can find a lot of issuers that offer metal cards, but you’ll need to know the rules before you can apply.

Most metal cards require good to excellent credit. Some also have annual fees and are more expensive than other types of cards. Nevertheless, you can find metal credit cards that have a sleek finish and are fully custom. These cards can be made of any kind of metal, including silver, chrome, stainless steel, and even 24K gold. There are also other alloys, such as titanium and tungsten, that you can use to make your card.

If you’re interested in having a metal credit card, you can contact a company that offers these products, such as CARDMAKER(tm). They’re experts in bringing together machinery and metal crafts to create custom credit and gift cards. They have years of experience with renowned brands, and can help you create a great metal card. The company’s laser marking machines are an important part of their business.

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