Air Purifiers For Smoke


Air Purifiers For Smoke

Air purifiers for smoke remove contaminants from indoor air through a circulating fan and one or more filters. The best ones use HEPA filters to stop solid particles and activated carbon to adsorb gaseous smoke odors.

Whether from tobacco, wildfire or kitchen smoke, regular exposure to microscopic pollutants is dangerous for everyone. An effective solution is to buy a smoke air purifier with good filters and high CADR ratings, and possibly advanced smart options.

Removing Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke contains a range of chemicals and gases. These are toxic and dangerous to both smokers and non-smokers. They can cause health issues including breathing difficulties, aggravate asthma, cause lung and heart problems and increase the risk of cancer.

The best way to remove cigarette smoke is to stop smoking or use an air purifier specifically designed for the purpose. A good Hepa filter and a powerful fan are crucial, as is a carbon filter placed directly behind the Hepa filter to absorb any odours that are not part of the particles. The Levoit Core 300 is a great choice and is also ideal for business applications where the smell of smoke can be a major turn off for customers and clients who are not smokers.

While there is no real air purifier that can fully remove all of the toxins from SMOKE PURIFIER second hand smoke if a house has been smoked in for months and even years, it will significantly reduce them. This is especially important for children who are more susceptible to the health effects of secondhand smoke. In these cases it is often necessary to steam clean all the fabrics, take down the curtains, wash and repaint the walls to fully sanitise the home. This will remove both the particles and the odours. If the odour persists after these steps have been taken, professional remediation may be required.

Removing Smoke Odors

A good air purifier for smoke removes odors as well as toxic particles. This is the main reason why it’s so important to buy a specialist unit that’s specifically engineered for this purpose. The key is a good Hepa filter, together with a fan that’s powerful enough to actually suck the smoky air into the filter as quickly as possible – and also to do it fast enough to ensure that any odours are removed before they have a chance to spread around the room.

The best smoke purifiers contain around a kilogram or more of genuine activated carbon. This is far more than you’ll find in the cheap and cheerful units you’ll find on the High Street, which often only have a token gesture of carbon and can hardly be described as ‘smoke eaters’ at all.

Secondhand smoke contains thousands of chemicals, hundreds of which are harmful to human health and can cause everything from lung irritation and asthma to heart disease and cancer. It’s particularly harmful to children, who are more susceptible to the damaging effects of second hand smoke than adults. This is because their bodies and lungs are still developing, and the toxins found in second hand smoke can cause damage even after the smoker has stopped smoking. This damage is sometimes referred to as ‘thirdhand smoke’ and can linger in dust and on surfaces for months after the smoker has stopped smoking.

Removing Smoke Particles

Whether from cigarettes, cigars, or wildfire smoke, airborne particles of tobacco and SMOKE PURIFIER other types of smoke can be damaging to your health. Fortunately, most air purifiers for smoke can remove these microscopic particles and gases from the air that you breathe.

Air cleaners for smoke work by utilizing a circulating fan and one or more filters. The circulating fan sucks the air in your room and pushes it through the filter(s), where all contaminants are removed. The purified air is then pushed back out into the room.

The best air purifiers for smoke have several different types of filters to catch all particles and gases. These include HEPA filters, which are standard in many quality air purifiers, and activated carbon. Activated carbon is extremely porous and adsorptive, meaning chemicals, odors, and other pollutants are drawn to the surface of the carbon and trapped inside.

A good air purifier for smoke will contain at least a kilo of genuine activated carbon. This is significantly more than what you’ll find in cheap and cheerful units found in High Street stores, which may only use a token gesture of carbon. This small amount is not sufficient to make any significant difference to the ability of an air purifier for smoke to neutralize odours and particles. The best air purifiers for smoke will also include a sensor that detects the presence of smoke particles and slows down or speeds up the filtering process accordingly.

Removing Tobacco Particles

When purchasing an air purifier for cigarette smoke, it’s important to find one that does not just trap the visible particles of smoke, but also removes those invisible gases and chemicals associated with it. Particulate matter is a large part of smoke, and the best tobacco-eating air purifiers feature Hepa filters capable of filtering down to 0.1 microns. Most of the basic Hepa air purifiers you can buy off the High Street, however, are only capable of removing pollutants down to 0.3 microns or lower.

As well as a Hepa filter, it’s also essential to get an air purifier with a packed activated carbon filter. Activated carbon is a highly porous material that can have the surface area of a football pitch, which means it can easily trap harmful gases and chemicals like the ones contained in cigarette smoke. The air passing over the activated carbon filter gets adsorbed by the material, so that they can never pass back out into the room again.

It’s worth noting that no air purifier can remove all the toxins from secondhand smoke, and the safest way to protect yourself against them is simply not to let anyone smoke in your home at all. However, for those times when that’s not possible (or practical) it’s important to have an effective smoke eater in place to reduce the risk of dangerous contaminants entering your home and affecting the health of you and your family.

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