International Shipping Agency

international shipping agency

International Shipping Agency

Shipping touches everything in today’s global economy. It provides a safe, reliable and low-cost means of transporting goods globally to create prosperity among nations and peoples. This industry depends on a global regulatory framework, maintained by IMO.

When selecting an international shipping agency, look for one that offers transparent rates and information. It also helps to find out which couriers accept products with specific dimensions or weight limits.


CMA CGM is one of the world’s leading container shipping companies and offers a complete range of sea, air, and land transportation services. The company is based in Norfolk, Virginia and serves over 160 countries. Its fleet of 550 ships carries cargo to and from ports all over the world. The company is a large employer in the region. Its employees are dedicated to making sure that the company’s customers get the best service possible.

In 2021, the company committed to taking steps that are more people- and planet-friendly. The company also plans to invest in innovative solutions to reduce its environmental footprint. Its goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050. CMA CGM’s commitment to sustainable growth is embodied by its new signature and key visual, BETTER WAYS.

The company’s fleet includes both dry and refrigerated containers. In addition, the company has the largest fleet of pallet-wide containers in the industry. These containers are used in intermodal and “last mile” shipping. It also has a global network of freight forwarders and is able to optimize supply chain management.

The company has faced controversy over its links to Iranian arms smuggling. It has since reformed its procedures and is no longer importing goods from Iran. It has also increased its security measures on its ships and made it easier for workers to report incidents.

Hamburg Sud Group

The Hamburg Sud Group is a global transport logistics organization that offers liner shipping, tramp shipping, logistic services, ship management, and travel & event management. Its brands include the container shipping companies Hamburg Sud and CCNI; bulk and product tanker shipping lines Rudolf A. Oetker and Alianca Bulk; technical international shipping agency management, crewing, and materials handling brand Columbus Shipmanagement; and the travel agency Hamburg Süd Travel Agency. The company was previously a subsidiary of the Oetker Group.

The group’s e-commerce portal allows customers to book berths, track cargo, and fill out customs and inspection forms online without the need for direct human interaction. In addition, the company is an active proponent of environmentally friendly shipping practices and conducts research on how to reduce its carbon footprint.

In 1919, HAMBURG-SUD began its service to South America. At that time, it was a booming trade route and the company quickly became one of the largest passenger shipping lines in Germany. By the outbreak of World War I, HAMBURG-SUD had maintained a fleet of liners. However, it lost all its vessels during the war.

The company was founded in 1871 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company was recently acquired by Danish shipping giant Maersk Line. The merger will allow the company to realize annual operational savings of $350 million to $400 million.

Shanghai Chipol

Shanghai Chipol International Shipping Agency is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chipolbrok, mainly engaged in cargo canvassing, booking and whole-process logistics. It also offers ship agency services. The company international shipping agency combines its strong on-site experience with high quality service consciousness and excellent technology to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Shanghai Chipol is a trusted partner for many customers worldwide.

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The mv Chang Jiang arrived in Sepetiba, Brazil on the first voyage of its dedicated route Far East + South East Asia to East Coast of South America (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay). SeaWorks was pleased to handle this shipment.

Western Union

Western Union is a leading global provider of money transfer services and business payments. They have over 550,000 agent locations worldwide and offer a variety of services to send and receive funds. This includes sending money via mobile phones, online, and in-person at their agent locations. They also provide end-to-end digital payments to financial institutions, NGOs, and more.

The company was founded in 1851 as a telegraph service provider in Rochester, New York. Its founders sought to unite a haphazard network of telegraph lines into an efficient, growing business. During the Civil War and both world wars, the company received commendations for its service to the U.S. armed forces. In the early and middle 20th century, the company was headquartered at 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan.

During this time, the company expanded its services to include automatic teletypewriters and leased private-line circuitry. It was also the chief operator of teleprinter networks and provided services such as Telex and TWX systems. Eventually, high-speed digital data transmission and modern fax machines supplanted many of these services.

Today, Western Union’s services are used by millions of people every day. They’re creating new possibilities for small businesses that compete abroad and for consumers who have few other places to turn. They’re also making it possible for millions of families to connect around the world.

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