Air Hockey Coin Operated Tables

Air Hockey Coin Operated Tables

The slick ping of air hockey pucks gliding across a cushion of air has been a staple in pizza parlors, community centers, and arcades for decades. It is a delightful amalgam of billiards and ice hockey.

Start ringing in the profits with your own high-quality coin operated air hockey table. These professional commercial-grade tables are designed to withstand heavy play.

Tables with Foosball

For a table game that brings together family members of all ages for fun competition, choose a foosball table. Some of the best models are made by two-time world champions and constructed to last. Others, like the Gold Standard Games 8 ft Classic Elite Air Hockey Table, are designed to be sanctioned for tournament play.

The clacking of the puck ricocheting around a smooth surface is one of the most iconic sounds in arcade history. Invented in the 1950s, it remains a staple of game rooms and bars.

A home air hockey table usually features a slick plastic playing field drilled symmetrically with tiny holes. Powerful fans blow up air through these holes to create a cushion of air that makes it appear as though the puck is hovering. This allows for fast, frictionless play that can reach lightning speeds if a strong shot is played.

The most basic tables have a simple abacus scorer that requires players to push a bead up the rail each time they score. Other models have electronic scoring that automatically updates the tally after each goal is scored. Some tables also feature an audio commentary and flashing lights that add to the excitement of the game.

Tables with Folding Legs

The ping of pucks ricocheting across an air-filled playing field has been the signature sound of arcade and bowling alleys for decades. Now, Heemskerk offers home tables that allow you to enjoy the fun at your own leisure. Whether you’re planning for a family game room or a business entertainment center, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The most important factor in selecting an air hockey table is how much the table will be used. If it will be for light play by a single or couple of people, our smaller models are ideal. For a more intensive use of the table, go for one of our larger, air hockey coin operated commercial tables that are designed to withstand heavy usage and provide years of excitement.

All of our tables come with a set of pushers, which are used to push the puck across the playing surface. These are made of plastic and usually feature shock-absorbing rubber impact rings to protect your wrists when playing for extended periods. Some of our higher-end tables also include extra pushers to replace the old ones, or you can buy them separately.

We carry both home and commercial air hockey tables, with the latter being designed for use in pubs and other public venues. They’re typically built to a standard size of around eight feet, although there are seven-foot models available too. They’re tough, sturdy and built to professional arcade standards, with powerful fan motors creating plenty of uplift for a fast-gliding game.

Tables with Overhead Lighting

A fun game for young and old alike, air hockey offers a fast-paced test of reaction time and skill. The game was invented relatively recently compared to other table games such as pool tables and shuffleboards, but it has become very popular and there are even world championship tournaments.

To play, players stand at either end of the table and hit a puck with their pushers to make it skate across the surface towards their opponent’s goal. The surface is usually made from a smooth, low-friction material and the edges of the table are lined with rails that rebound the puck back into play. A large part of the skill of air hockey is learning how to use these rails to surprise your opponent from different angles.

Typically, the table is electrically-powered and uses powerful electric fans to blow air over the surface of the table. Some home tables have simple abacus scorers, where players push a bead up on the rail every time they score, while more advanced commercial tables have electronic scoring systems with automatic goal detection and commentary.

For those looking for a more authentic arcade experience, there are many brands producing real-academy-standard air hockey tables. These include Strikeworth, Tekscore, and Buffalo, and arcade giant Sega also produces an official Sonic Sports air hockey table that features its famous mascot. These machines tend to be larger than the smaller home tables and feature a polycarbonate non-scratch playing field, aluminum body, and side safety guards. They are a great option for FECs and other locations seeking to earn serious revenue from this classic game.

Tables with Electronic Scoring

Once a staple in video arcades, air hockey coin operated tables are making a comeback for use in rec centers, bars and bowling alleys. These larger models, generally fitted with coin mechs that accept credit payments in return for game credits, offer all the fun and competitive action of a traditional arcade game. They’re also ideal for public play areas, such as youth clubs and civic organizations.

A top manufacturer in dome hockey designs brings this table to a whole air hockey coin operated new level of excitement with an LED electronic scoring system and exciting action-packed gameplay sounds. The table has a high-gloss finish that shines brightly and is easy to clean. It also includes a built-in puck catcher and leg levelers for stability during play.

The top quality components in this game make it a welcome addition to any home. Its stylish design is accentuated by the wood finish and unique K-shaped legs, giving it an authentic arcade look that will complement any room in your house. Its large blower air system delivers a powerful air flow and the super-slick play surface is smooth, fast and highly responsive. LED electronic and abacus scoring are included to keep track of the points.

For light use by a family, this 6ft home table is the perfect solution. It has all the features of a commercial model but at a much lower price, and it’s easier to move in the event that you decide to relocate it in the future.

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