Challenge: Create a Birthday Treat With a DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine

Challenge: Create a Birthday Treat With a DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine

This week’s challenge is to create a dessert that celebrates a birthday. The bakers are given various decorative pieces, such as claw machines, to help enhance their creations. The baker who produces the best dessert per episode wins a prize. The episode ends with scenes from the client’s celebration. The winning baker is bolded per episode.

1. Materials

Encourage fine motor skills, scissor skills and resourcefulness with a DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine! Stuff this candy machine with little knick knacks like Shopkins, gummies and even special rolled up messages your kids can “buy” as they pop in a coin and push down a lever.

Start by brushing an 8 x 8 inch pan and any utensils you’ll be using with shortening or butter (or use parchment paper instead). Also rub the same fat over DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine your mixer bowl, whisk attachment and any other utensil you’ll be using for mallow making.

Next, mix together the sugar and cornstarch in a small bowl. Line four half sheet pans with parchment paper and spray with nonstick cooking spray, then dust with the sugar mixture.

While the gelatin is hydrating, combine the sugar syrup and water in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Turn the mixer on low and gradually pour in the hydrated gelatin.

When the marshmallow batter is sufficiently whipped, it will be glossy and stiff, feel airy when you touch it and, most importantly, it won’t ooze moisture when a finger is pressed into it. This is one of the key signs that the marshmallow batter will set up properly during its curing/setting time, which is six+ hours long.

If the batter doesn’t meet these criteria when you scrape it into the pan to set, more whipping will be necessary. The evaporation of moisture during whipping, combined with the cooling and setting of the sugar syrup, will help the marshmallows to set properly.

2. Design

A Mexican candy company recently made a Guinness world record-winning marshmallow that weighed over 1,400 pounds. That’s a lot of marshmallows to stuff into a monster s’more. Fulfill all your guests’ snacking needs with this Best Maid individually wrapped marshmallow crispy bar with M&M’s (3.4 oz). Display in cafeteria food lines and convenience store snack aisles, or use to fill vending machines. This product ships fully assembled and ready to use.

Imyjoy Mini Magic Automatic Electronic Marshmallow Vending Machine 32 kinds of fairy floss, stable heating system, support coin/banknote/credit card/Apple pay, with a variety of options. Its design is modern and fashionable.

3. Equipment

Encourage fine motor skills, scissor use and resourcefulness with this fun DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine. Stuff the machine with little knick knacks, candy packs or Shopkins as prizes your kids “buy” when they pop in a coin and push down a lever! It might take a bit of bribery to get your child to help you cut the head and arm holes in the box.

iMyjoy Mini Magic Automatic Electronic Marshmallow Vending Machine with 32 kinds of fairy floss, stable heating system,support coin/bank note/credit card/Apple pay. Luxury model, blue or pink DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine factory color, welcome to contact us! This is a great snack for cafeteria food lines, concession stands and grocery store snack aisles.

4. Recipe

Making marshmallow fluff from scratch is a fun way to spend time with the kids and can be a great introduction to cooking, science, and sustainability. Homemade marshmallows are delicious roasted over an open fire, added to natural cereal treats or served with a warming cup of mushroom and lion’s mane herbal hot chocolate.

Unlike store-bought marshmallows that are coated in cornstarch and powdered sugar, homemade marshmallows are more of a blank slate to be adapted to fit your tastes. For example, a few drops of food coloring can turn plain homemade marshmallows into pastel versions to match any occasion or holiday. Adding other extracts such as peppermint, vanilla, and almond can give your marshmallows a unique flavor. Alternatively, you can also add powdered freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries to the arrowroot and powdered sugar dredge for fruity flavored marshmallows.

The process of making marshmallows requires precise timing and boiling hot syrup, so it’s best to have all of your equipment ready to go before you start. To make the job easier, use a stand mixer fitted with a whisk. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can use a handheld electric mixer or a food processor instead.

If you want to create a marbled effect with your marshmallows, try stirring in some of your favorite mix-ins while the fluff is still warm. You can also add more color to your homemade marshmallows by simply scooping two thirds of the marshmallow mixture into a separate bowl and adding 10 or more drops of food coloring. Then, spoon alternating dollops of the plain and tinted marshmallow into your prepared pan for a marbled effect.

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