DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine

DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine

Whether you’re making Peeps, Mallomars, moon-pies, Sno Balls, Rice Krispie treats or rocky-road ice cream, marshmallows are one of the sweetest things on earth. But despite their name, they don’t contain any mallow sap. Instead, they’re sugar syrup cooked to the soft-ball stage. Then whipped together.

Tosi challenges bakers to create a unique dessert for their client’s celebration.

Make a Box

You’ll want to build a box for your marshmallow vending machine that will be large enough to hold all the ingredients for at least two dispensers. For the box, you can use an old CD case or a sturdy cardboard box that you’ve cut to size. If you’re using an old CD case, remove the disk holder and the disks to make room for the dispensers. You can hot glue the front of the box into place and use a long dowel to provide support for the dispensers.

Before starting the marshmallow making, have your ingredients and equipment set out. This process involves working with very hot sugar DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine syrup, so it’s important that your work area is clean and ready to go before you begin.

Also, have the pan you’ll use to cook your marshmallows on hand. You’ll need to prepare it with a light coating of cornstarch before spreading the marshmallow mixture in.

To give your marshmallows some extra flavor, consider substituting a different extract for the vanilla called DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine factory for in the classic recipe. Strawberry, raspberry, and peppermint extracts are great choices. You can also try dipping your marshmallows in chocolate to add another level of deliciousness. To do this, melt about 6 oz. of bittersweet chocolate in a double boiler or by arranging a clean metal bowl over a pan of barely simmering water.

Sell the Marshmallows

Marshmallows are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed as-is or toasted in the oven. They are made from sugar, gelatin, and water. They also contain food coloring, citric acid, and flavorings. These ingredients are added to the marshmallows to give them a variety of different flavors and mouthfeels. The marshmallows can be made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are also several types of marshmallow production lines that can make these sweet treats.

Founded in 2011 by sisters Oonagh and Jenny Simms, The Marshmallowist sells gourmet marshmallows online direct-to-consumer (D2C) and in luxury retailer Harvey Nichols. The company’s marshmallows include vegan vanilla bean, toasted coconut, raspberry and champagne, and spiced gingerbread. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the business, as it has reduced consumer spend and forced many stores to close.

The Marshmallowist has adapted their business model to survive the pandemic, including creating an in-person marshmallow cafe and wonderland. The pair is also using social media to connect with their community and generate marshmallow sales. They have built a loyal following on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, by being open and honest with their community. They’ve even shared business flubs on TikTok to help their audience understand their brand better. The marshmallow kitchen includes a syrup preparation system, mixer, and mixture cooling system. It also has a continuous aerator, which adds the right amount of air into the marshmallow mixture. This helps the marshmallows to be light and fluffy.

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