The Ouble VR 360 Motion Chair

The Ouble VR 360 Motion Chair

The VART VR 360 motion chair breaks down the fourth wall between the virtual world and the real world. It is a unique VR experience that will attract people to your arcade or theme park.

It features full protection with multi-point seat belts and a wrapped structure design, as well as an emergency stop button for players’ safety.

High-definition graphics

The high-definition graphics available on the ouble VR 360 Motion Chair ensure that players experience a truly immersive virtual world. The chair uses a special stereoscopic lens that allows players to see a single point of view from the top and bottom of the world, eliminating seam lines ouble VR 360 Motion Chair commonly found in VR content. This helps to reduce dizziness in VR users.

The 360 VR cockpit chair comes with a variety of original VR games and experiences that take advantage of the movement it offers. It also features HiFi stereo sound and joysticks designed to provide players with complete control of their game. These games include flying a spaceship in 3D space and engaging in exciting deep space combat. The chair is also compatible with Roller Coaster VR games that will make even the strongest scream with excitement.

The gyroscopes in the VR chair are capable of tracking your movements and reacting to them accordingly. This makes the experience more realistic and exciting. Its stylish, eye-catching spaceship design and special effects such as push back, leg tickle, shaking, and vibration further enhance the experience. This makes the VR cockpit chair the ideal attraction for any arcade or theme park.

360-degree swiveling motion

This VR chair is designed to provide a virtual reality experience that is both exciting and realistic. It can be used to play a variety of games, including roller coaster rides and space shooting games. It also comes with wind special effects to give you the feeling of being in the game. This immersive technology is sure to draw a crowd at any VR arcade, VR center, or virtual gaming center.

Using a motorized base and Magical Headtracker clips to the headset, the 360-degree swiveling motion on this chair is very smooth. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting dizzy during a long game session. The chair can also be controlled by the user’s movements, making it easy to maneuver.

In addition to the motion, this chair also has a 32 inch HD LED screen for synchronizing the video. This allows individuals to watch the gameplay without having to put on a headset, which is useful for family members and friends who may not be interested in VR. The chair also includes a head protection design and seat belts to ensure the safety of players.

This new version of Yaw2 is being billed as a consumer-grade simulator, and with its stylish spaceship-like design, it will be a hit in any VR theme park or arcade. It is currently available on Kickstarter, where the cheapest remaining funding tier costs $1,090. This doesn’t include the actual seat portion of the simulator, which can be added for an additional $75 – $100.

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback on the ouble VR 360 motion chair provides 360 VR Chair a unique and immersive experience for players. The haptic feedback is powered by multiple sensors and vibration and rise/fall modules that work in sync with the virtual world to create real-world sensations. This allows the player to feel the action of the game, which increases the sense of immersion and makes it more realistic. These haptic effects include wind, raindrops, rumbling, back poking, leg sweeps, simulated falling, etc.

The VR motion chair can be used by single or multiple people at the same time and is able to rotate on the vertical axis and tilt by 45 degrees. It is also able to move forward and backward on the horizontal axis. This makes the chair ideal for arcades and other gaming environments.

It is a powerful and lightweight virtual reality chair with a modern design. It is built to withstand rigorous use and comes with a 24 inch HD LED screen for game synchronization and marketing purposes. It also has 2 emergency stop buttons to ensure that the user is safe at all times.

VART VR offers a wide variety of original and exciting games and experiences that take advantage of the chair’s 360 degree movement and high level of immersion. The VR flight simulator features a variety of games that allow the player to fly through the sky and engage in thrilling deep space combat. They can even experience a simulated roller coaster ride that will make the strongest of participants scream in excitement.

Easy to set up

Our vr chair enables you to feel the immersive environment of a movie, and it also supports many other kinds of VR games. It features a semi-closed design, which prevents disruption from the outside and enhances your gaming experience. It also comes with a mergency stop button, which allows you to immediately cut off the game and action.

Its PC Advanced Cable Magazine lets you connect a headset and other accessories, such as wheels and joysticks, through the chair for the ultimate set up. The Magazine includes a USB-C port for powering the haptics, and 2x USB-A ports for connecting your game devices to the PC.

The side tables seamlessly slide into the Elite seat’s chair arms, providing an ergonomic and convenient setup. The desktop, coated with a sleek non-slip rubber overmold, accommodates most keyboards and laptops, while docking slots keep your motion controllers close at hand.

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