Ticket to Prize Redeeming Machine

Ticket to Prize Redeeming Machine

Ticket to prize redemption machines bridge the gap between digital victories and real-world rewards. With this new type of game, players accumulate ticket fortunes that they then redeem at the redemption counter for a plush toy or shiny trinket.

Jam Session Roll Down Kiddie Ticket Redemption by Bay Tek Games brings the electrifying experience of guitar rock to your center! This late model machine has three prize levels and an operator-adjustable difficulty setting.

Ticket to Prizes – The Next Generation

Ticket to Prizes is a self-contained redemption center perfect for both attended and unattended locations. Guests simply scan their receipt and select a prize from the machine which holds up to 840 small to medium prizes (65 prize selections possible). This self-serve option allows you to off load your attended redemption counter during busy hours or turn an unattended room into a high-earning redemption center.

Featuring an attractive lighted design to attract guests and increase sales, TT-2000 is a workhorse machine that provides a big appetITE in a small 21?x21″ footprint for major cost and floor space savings. This machine features a ticket printer for winners# receipts and bar code security offering accurate and reliable 4-way bar code recognition.

This new generation of tickets also incorporates prismatic color blending, which makes it challenging to photocopy or digitally manipulate them, ticket to prize redemption machine and other tamper-proof characters such as fine-line relief, hidden wordings and symbols. It also has a “void pantograph” message that appears prominently if the ticket is tampered with or photocopied.

Players watch videos to earn a ticket and then can choose from 107 prizes (single tree version) or two tiers of rewards with 1400 small/medium/large prize capacity (2-tree version). This system includes Baytek’s VIP system, which allows players to save loyalty points directly on their VIP card.

Ticket to Prizes – Single Prize Tree

Ticket to Prizes is a self-contained redemption center from Benchmark Games that is perfect for unattended or attended locations. It holds a total of 1400 small, medium & large prizes and features attractive lighting on all the brightly lit prize compartments. Easily track and locate unspent tickets with accurate 4-way bar code scanning technology. Designed to backup a busy redemption counter during heavy traffic, or turn an empty room into a high-earning redemption center!

Reveal a “STOCKING” symbol, win the corresponding prize automatically. Reveal a “TREE” symbol, win five times the corresponding prize! See PRIZE LEGEND for more details.

Remove latex covering to reveal six different play symbols and the corresponding prize amounts below each one. Reveal a “GNOME HAT” symbol, win the prize shown for that space. Reveal a “TREE” or “STOCKING” symbol, win the prize indicated for that space five times (for example: if SPIN 1 is a RENT AN APARTMENT and SPIN 2 is a NEW BABY)! All other symbols pay based on the prize amount listed in the PRIZE LEGEND.

Ticket to Prizes – Two Prize Tree

The Ticket to Prizes self-contained redemption center is ideal for off-loading the pressure from an attended redemption counter during busy hours or turning an unattended location into a high-earning redemption room. This system features a rotatable spindle carousel and multiple prize lockers to keep unused tickets secure and organized. It also boasts accurate & reliable 4-way bar code recognition for ticket security and vending accuracy.

Each time a SPIN reveals matching play symbols (including a “STAR” symbol), a prize is won for that space. If all five spaces are landed on with matching play symbols in separate SPINS, the player wins a grand prize.

Players use a simple scan-and-select process that allows them to select a prize from seven (2-tree version) or five (1-tree version) brightly lit Featured Prize Compartments. Each Featured Prize Compartment holds a different prize, from small prizes up to large ones! Reveal a “TREE” symbol, win ALL of the YOUR NUMBERS prizes shown. Reveal a “CANDY CANE” symbol, DOUBLE that prize amount. Reveal a “STAR” symbol, win $20 instantly! Each prize is clearly labeled with its value on the PRIZE LEGEND.

Ticket to Prizes – Self-Contained

Designed to help off-load your attended redemption counter during busy times or to turn an unattended location into a ticket center, the Ticket to Prizes self-contained machine provides operators with a sleek, modern approach to their redemption needs. It features an easy to use 22″ touch-screen and is upgradable to two each of the Capsule, Spindle or Locker Hubs from Baytek. It also prints receipts with the operator’s personalized message and has a bag-full sensor to alert staff when it’s time to change bags.

The system is equipped with an 840 small and medium prize capacity and uses bar code security offering accurate and reliable 4-way ticket recognition. The Ticket to Prizes is also easily maintained with a built-in air blast every 1000 tickets to eliminate dust and debris.

Time your token drop and watch it make its way down the Arcade Game Machine clocks to the spinning Bonus Wheel to win a large prize. It’s a challenging and fun game that will mesmerize your customers, especially the kids!

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