Top 5 Air Hockey Machines For Sale

Top 5 Air Hockey Machines For Sale

Air hockey is a classic arcade game with universal appeal. From seasoned smack talkers to wide-eyed newbies, everyone loves this high-stakes duel. It’s a perfect complement to your bar, restaurant, or Family Entertainment Center.

The big brother to the successful Hot Flash hockey, this 8 foot model is a world class revenue earner as it replaces older tables. Features a bright new LED Overhead Scoreboard and under table lighting with chasing blue LED lights along puck releases.

Gold Standard Home Pro

The Home Pro is a top quality air hockey table that provides fun, excitement and superior play for beginners to professional players! It has a solid, low-profile, professional-style aluminum rail system designed to provide superior bounce and bankability, while the special wear-resistant laminate top is engineered for years of durability. It includes a centerline and face-off circle for competitive play.

Designed by Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins, this table features one of the best playing surfaces sanctioned for tournament play by the US Air Hockey Association. The durable laminate top is backed by a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. It also includes a convenient electronic side score unit and 12″ apron height. The Home Pro is ideal for arcade use in commercial establishments and is an excellent choice for the game room at home.

Dynamo Blue Streak

The BLUE STREAK combines eye-catching graphics and proven technology. The patented Dyna-Blast blower system provides fast, non-stop action. Commercial quality table construction with Aluminum rails and an impact resistant playing surface. Designed to meet US Air Hockey tournament quality standards. This coin operated or free play game features electronic side scoring.

This pre-owned machine has been well taken care of and comes out of a air hockey machine for sale home owners game room. It works great and should provide years of trouble free service.

When an 8-foot Dynamo is too much for your location and a Short Shot isn’t big enough, the Blue Streak offers the perfect size and quality in a 7 foot coin-operated table. It offers all the great Dynamo table construction you’ve come to rely on in a smaller, feature-packed package.

Dynamo Arena

The Dynamo Arena brings the excitement of the game to your location or home with real-game features. The Arena overhead LED scoring display keeps pace with the action and has a realistic arena appearance. Virtual audio sounds with each rail-puck deflection and goal scored, as well as announcer and commentator audio, add to the overall experience. During attract mode, the playfield and corner downs are backlit.

The rambunctious Texian Army section behind the south goal is home to the independently organized chants, beating drums and soaring trumpet anthems of the fans. The group adds to the atmosphere of every game, including a special section before every match.

Puck It!

Air hockey is an arcade favourite, and Puck It! is an exciting, modern take on the classic game. With stunning LED lighting and a overhead scoreboard gantry, this machine is sure to draw crowds and generate revenue in any venue. This model also includes a unique multipuck launching system, which makes the game more exciting and memorable for players. It’s easy to replenish the puck supply with a conveyor belt that displays which pucks are about to be dispensed. With free delivery and installation included, it’s a great choice for any venue looking to attract customers of all ages. Buy today for the best price online.

Short Shot

Designed specifically for kids and small players, Short Shot is a great option when an 8-foot Dynamo table is too much for your younger players. It features LED lighting in the play field, rails, and corners. It also includes a ticket dispenser.

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Sonic Sports

With his high-speed, pixelated persona, Sonic is synonymous with athleticism. So much so that his brand reaches beyond video games and into other successful industries, including sports.

This deluxe Sonic-branded air hockey machine is the perfect choice for operators looking to add some action-packed fun to their locations. Featuring an exciting ‘beat the clock’ game mode, this high-energy game has everything you need to get your customers’ heart rates pumping. This game also includes a built-in ticket dispenser, linkable up to 15 units, original hip-hop mix music and a reactive LED lighting effect.

Sonic Hedgehog

When Sega’s R&D department was looking for a new company mascot to replace Alex Kidd, the spiky teal hedgehog won an informal public vote against Eggman and a dog character. Naoto Ohshima took internal designs to New York City and asked random passersby their opinions; the hog won hands down.

Sonic is a good-hearted, adventurous hero who loves a challenge, but his impulsive nature and desire to experience as much as possible often put him in dangerous situations. He is very intelligent and self-taught, but he tends coin acceptor supplier to avoid thinking through problems and prefers to hurl himself into situations with plenty of speed.

Sonic has many friends, including Princess Sally, Rotor and Silver the Hedgehog. He has a cocky personality and often speaks playfully or taunts rivals.

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