VR Racing Games

VR Racing Games

With sharp graphics and precise controls, VR racing games are the next best thing to a real race. With a variety of cars and tracks, they’re perfect for sim racers and casual gamers alike.

iRacing offers a realistic racing experience with impressive physics. It can run on less powerful computers and features a wide selection of cars and tracks.

Dirt Rally 2.0

The original Dirt Rally made a case for itself as the best off-road sim available, and its sequel is arguably VR Racing even better. It’s a demanding experience that can be brutally unforgiving if you make even the slightest mistake. This is true even before you take into account the game’s incredibly deep systems like tire grips on different surfaces, track degradation, weather impacting both the surface and your driving ability, and damage carried over from event to event (which also impacts your co-driver’s abilities).

Codemasters isn’t interested in burying these elements beneath loads of silly emotes or social systems that would distract players from what matters most: the car and the stage. Instead, they’ve stripped down the game to a core experience that is both immersive and intense.

As a result, this is one of the most satisfying racing games in VR. You feel a real connection with the road and its environment as you twist through the twists and turns of its landscapes. It’s a feeling that can be difficult to replicate in circuit-based racers where the focus is on the track rather than the car.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is a must-have for fans of the genre and series, but it’s equally suited to anyone who wants to experience what VR can do when done right. For those who are willing to put in the time, the rewards can be unforgettable.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved

While the VR Racing genre has seen a few games hit the platform over the last year, Radial G: Racing Revolved brings a unique style to the table. Part sci-fi space race and part 360 rollercoaster, Radial G’s tubular tracks swoop and spin around in a way that really only works with the medium of virtual reality.

The game’s speed is enough to make your stomach lurch, but unlike some rollercoasters the pacing never feels overloaded with too much happening at once. Even when a gravity beam drags you to the ceiling of a track or launches you over a gap, Radial G backs off the throttle a little so that you have time to reorient yourself before the next surprise comes along.

With just nine tracks – all of which are tubular in design – and a handful of different game modes, Radial-G feels relatively short on content. It’s a good start, but the game would benefit from more variety in its track and game mode designs as well as some additional polish for its audiovisual presentation.

As one of the earliest futuristic races for VR, Radial-G is worth checking out for the sheer thrill of the gut-churning speed alone. However, for a deeper and more rewarding experience you’ll need to look elsewhere. This isn’t to say Radial-G does anything poorly, but it could do with a few more tricks up its sleeve before the end of March.


Thumper is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that’s not only a blast to play, but also visually stunning and fully immersive. It’s a perfect blend of rhythm and racing, and it keeps players engaged and pushing forward with its distinctive, gravity-defying tubular tracks.

A highlight of PSVR’s launch lineup in 2016, this frantic, pulsing rhythm game is a must-play for any VR owner. Its visual style hasn’t changed much from its debut, but it’s still as excellent as ever. Beats and notes telegraph incoming obstacles, planting them in your subconscious only fractions of a second before they’re upon you, forcing you to react accordingly. It’s thrilling to watch this process unfold in action, and it carries even more weight when you successfully navigate a particularly demanding level.

The new update to Thumper adds some graphical upgrades, but it’s the haptics on the headset that make it truly special. If you have a pair of PSVR2 Sense controllers with haptics, the sensation of hitting power-ups and fighting bosses is amplified to incredible levels of intensity. Thumper is an awe-inspiring, 3player VR Shooting one-of-a-kind experience that should be played in VR as much as possible, whether you’re a fan of the genre or not. It’s a must-have for any PlayStation user, and it’s also a strong contender to be one of the best VR games.


Redout is a perfect game for any futuristic racing fan. It is fast, frantic and addictive. You can play the game on a standard monitor using a controller or you can put on a headset and experience the game in VR. The gameplay is just as enjoyable in VR but it does take a hit in overall performance and visual fidelity.

Redout features a massive list of tracks set in an exotic environment. From soaring through the clouds to diving into giant asteroid mining plants you will be racing on track that will keep your adrenaline pumping. The track layouts are tight and tricky and require a lot of precision to master. There are tons of powerups to collect and a career mode that will allow you to unlock more upgrades for your ship.

The sound in the game is amazing and will have you feeling every bit of speed that your ship is pushing. The soundtrack is dynamic and will adjust to your performance on the track. The game also supports 5.1 and surround sound for the best possible audio immersion.

This is a must have for any AV Racing fan and it even has multiplayer. Sadly the online community is pretty sparse but when you can find a match it will be an awesome time. If you are looking for a new game to try this is a great one.

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