What is a VR Chair?

What is a VR Chair?

VR Chair is a virtual reality motion simulator that allows people to experience VR games in a unique way. It offers a variety of special effects simulations that can include vibration, leg sweeps, scents and more to make the experience as real as possible.

This chair makes it easy to move in your VR game without needing to use controllers. Just lean forward to walk and backward to strafe.


A VR Chair is a great way to add comfort to your virtual reality experience. They can help relieve nausea and provide a sense of connection between your movements in real life VR Chair and your movement in the virtual world. They also can help you move around more easily and avoid the need to jump up and down in place, which can make you feel dizzy in VR.

There are a variety of different VR chairs available on the market, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities. Some of them have built-in haptic capabilities, which create vibrations and motions to give you a more immersive experience. This is especially important for those who play games with lots of action, such as shooters or racing games.

Some VR chairs have special footplates where you can put your gas and brake pedals, and others come with a stand to hold the steering wheel of your car. These features allow you to experience the feeling of being in a virtual racecar or airplane, which can be very exciting and fun.

Other VR chairs have digital touch pedals that let you ‘walk’ while you are playing in virtual reality, which can also be very immersive and helpful for those who get motion sickness from virtual reality. However, these chairs are usually quite expensive and require a powerful computer to use.


Immerse yourself in the virtual world with a VR chair that allows you to move and play your favorite games with ease. Some VR chairs also include haptic capabilities, which provide a full-body experience of bumps and vibrations that add to the feeling of being in the game. They might even simulate scents, similar to how some masks use smell to add another layer of immersion to their users’ experience.

The X Rocker SE Pro is a stylish, ergonomically designed VR gaming chair that provides the ultimate immersive experience without breaking the bank. It features a headrest, padded seat, VR Motion Chair and lumbar support, and its base can swivel 360 degrees and tilt up to 50 degrees. It can support up to 240 pounds, and its padded armrests leave plenty of space to move your arms when playing.

This chair is the first seated VR solution to offer intuitive, effortless, and fully immersive virtual reality with a single rechargeable headtracker compatible with all major VR headsets. Its built-in haptic sensors detect your movements and automatically turn the chair to where you look, giving you the sensation of being inside the digital environment.

Unlike other VR accessories that require you to use a controller or run around your room, this chair solves the locomotion problem by using a set of pedals to control movement in your Oculus Quest 2 game. The company also offers a table add-on and rumble add-on to enhance your gaming experience.


For the best VR experience, you want to have plenty of space to move your arms. Most VR games require you to reach out and grab things, so it helps if you can stretch your hands in all directions without hitting anything or bashing into furniture. A double bed is a good minimum size for this, but the absolute best is a room that can fit a Murphy Bed, which lifts up out of the way to create more space for VR.

Even if you’re only playing seated VR, you’ll likely be moving around a lot during play – the nature of VR encourages it! So you’ll need at least a few feet of clear space in all directions. If you have a swivel chair, this will be especially important.

Some VR headsets come with ‘Guardians’, which are like digital walls that warn you when you get too close to furniture or other obstacles. Even without these, it’s a good idea to mark your play space and put furniture away where it won’t get moved during VR sessions. You’ll also want to have a place for your tracking base stations, and you may need to invest in extension cables for tethered headsets or ceiling-mounted cable tidies to prevent them from getting tangled up as you move. Dedicated VR rooms are ideal for this, of course.

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