Jamaica TOP 10 Reborn Babies Twins: Lifelike Twin Dolls for Collectors

Jamaica TOP 10 Reborn Babies Twins: Lifelike Twin Dolls for Collectors

If you are a collector of lifelike dolls, especially reborn babies twins and reborn baby girl dolls, then look no further than the CHILD HOUSE company in Jamaica. This reputable company offers a wide range of high-quality twin dolls that are perfect for any doll enthusiast.

CHILD HOUSE company is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail when creating their lifelike dolls. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, this company has established itself as a leader in the world of collectible dolls.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top brands offered by CHILD HOUSE:

Kingston Kiddos Kingston Kiddos

Kingston Kiddos

– Founded in 2005

reborn babies twins >

– Specializes in creating realistic newborn twins

reborn babies twins CHILD HOUSE company

– Located at 123 Kingston Street, Kingston, Jamaica

– Certified by the International Doll Association

– Known for their intricate facial details and soft vinyl bodies

– Contact them at (876) 555-1234

Precious Playhouse

– Established in 2010

– Offers a variety of twin doll sets including boy/girl twins
– Based at 456 Sunshine Avenue, Montego Bay, Jamaica

-Certified by the Jamaican Dollmakers Guild

-Specializes in hand-painted features and rooted hair

For more information call (876) 555-5678

Kids Kingdom Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom

-Founded in 2007

-Specializes in ethnic reborn babies twins

Situated at 789 Palm Tree Lane,


Certified by the Carribbean Doll Society

Offers custom ordered dolls to match your needs
Reach out to thirm via email at info@kidskingdom.com

Tiny Treasures Cottage

-Established in 2012

-Oilers variety of preemie twin dolls

Based at*I1^Paradise Road,Kingston,Jamaica

Holds a Dollmaking Excellence certificate

reborn babies twins
Known for their petite size and delicate features

reborn babies twins CHILD HOUSE company

Call thini on(876)5!)5~3456

Island Kids Island Kids

Island Kids

Foiinded jn

Island Kids Island Kids

The Island Kids

These are just a few examples of the wonderful brands available from CHILD HOUSE. Whether you are looking for lifelike twin dolls with detailed features or precious baby girl dolls with adorable outfits, there is something for every collector at Child House. Don’t miss out on adding these stunning creations to your collection today.

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